Precise speed control.

Precise speed control.

Our frequency inverters for precise speed control make the future in drive technology available to you today.

The VACON 20 impresses with outstanding performance, its adaptability and its scope of functions.

This inverter combines all the functions of the VACON 20 with a unique, space-saving cooling solution. It is easy to install and ideal for OEM customers because heat losses are counteracted by the cooling.

The most compact, decentralised IP66/Type 4X inverter on the market

The universal inverter with unbeatable versatility in its market segment. Built-in Ethernet and application-specific options mean that it can be customised for countless different uses.

VACON 100 FLOW is a frequency inverter dedicated to improving flow control in water, wastewater and building automation applications.

A decentralised frequency inverter with an unparalleled output range of up to 30 kW. The inverter features an IP66/Type 4X protection rating and can be installed in tight spaces.

An air-cooled frequency inverter solution with dynamic performance, precision and power. It is available as a wall-mounted or standalone module with an output range of 0.75 kW to 2 MW.

A compact, enclosed frequency inverter for the most demanding requirements in terms of  flexibility, reliability and serviceability.

The low-harmonic frequency inverter solution offers all of the capabilities of the standard VACON NXC while simultaneously reducing harmonic distortion through active input technology.

Liquid-cooled frequency inverters for locations where air-cooling is difficult or installation space is at a premium. One of the best performance/size ratios on the market.

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