Thyristor power controllers

Perfect control.

Perfect control.

Our thyristor power controllers switch, control and adjust electrical energy in applications across almost all industrial sectors.

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As a connection-ready thyristor switch with secure operational behaviour and load monitoring, the Thyro-S power controller switches electric loads such as current, voltage or power.

Thyro-A is a plug-and-play digital thyristor controller with the following operating modes: full-wave cycle principle (TAKT), phase-control principle (VAR) and Quick-Takt-Mode (QTM, for 1 phase devices).

The Thyro-AX series supports voltages from 24 to 600 V and offers a unique product scope from 16 to 1500 A, available as single-, dual- and three-phase units. With a flexible connection technology, the power controller can be connected from below and/or from above. The full graphic touch display enables new possibilities for visualisation and configuration.

As a communication-enabled digital controller, the user-friendly Thyro-P thyristor power controller accurately controls and regulates currents, voltages and power. With several operating modes and regulating and recording functions, this power controller has paved the way to the future, providing a wide range of applications in the field of thermo-processing technology.



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