Liquid cold plates

Liquid cold plates

In instances where the cooling capacity provided by air convection is insufficient, we employ liquid cooling using high-quality cold plates. The cold plates are made using the sophisticated CAB or vacuum brazing process and thus fulfil the high standards required for contact cooling. Optimal flow velocity with minimal loss of pressure and homogeneous temperature distribution on the surface of the cold plate is achieved through an application-specific channel system with integrated turbulators that is machined directly into the aluminium body of the cold plate. This eliminates the need for mounting holes, which would affect thermal performance and be an obstacle for soldering.

  • Advantages of brazed cold plates:Optimal design of the cooling circuit commensurate with the semiconductor's geometry
  • Total surface contact up to 1500 mm x 800 mm vacuum tightness, very thin-walled soldering joints up to a material thickness of 0.3 mm
  • The material joints have extremely high mechanical durability and are vacuum-tight and free from soldering residues
  • High reliability and long service life

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